Blessing of the marketplace in Te Awamutu New Zealand 

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This week Clarkie and Coralie  participated in the 3rd Te Awamutu Day of Blessings

For those who live outside the Waikato, Te Awamutu(TA) is a small town ( 12,000) which is the business centre of a rural area, mainly Dairy farming and agricultural industires. The largest Dairy Company in the world has a factory there, processing millons of litres of milk every day.

The Day of Blessings is fashioned on the Week of Blessings inDestin Florida, where they have the biggest charter fishing fleet in the USA. In Destin the church has been “blessing” the fishing fleet for 56 years and the outcome is that safety on the water is 100%!! 12 years ago 2 business men from other churches shared a vision of turning the Blessing of the Fleet into a week long blessing for all the major sectors of the town (also 12,000  permanent residents)

This year the organisers in Te Awamutu were invited in to the Dairy factory to “Bless the Fleet” of  Milk tankers!! .. they drive to every farm in the area collecting milk daily. How cool is that.?

This Dairy factory  is the major employer of the region and after the team literally laid hands on all the tankers, and by proxy blessed the farms to which they travelled ( at 7am in the morning!)the tankers left the facility and were faced with people standing on the side of the road with signs that said “ We Appreciate you” “Tankers Rock” “Thank you”  God bless you” As you can imagine it si the talk of the town.

Mel Ponder( 1 of the original business men)  the now Mayor of Destin was here in TA  to encourage the more than 100 people that make up the 7 spheres of influence in the community  to continue speaking peace and blessing over their community.(Some of you will remember Mel from the BE Conference in Rotorua 2008)

Mel encouraged that ‘to be a blessing we must sow a blessing’ which includes establishing a culture of honour, in family, workplace and communitiy

H- Honour

O- One family One city ( unity)

N- Not allow outside influences to impact the city’s DNA

O- Others -serving others

R- Radical Generosity -look for ways to do this. 

In New Zealand we spell Honour with a “U” so let us insert “Us” If we do not demonstrate a cuture of honour in Our Family, Our Business or Our Community … then what we are asking God to do cannot come about.

Be Blessed as your Honour those around you this week, at all levels in the comminity that God has established you and feel the smile of God in your day. 

  With love and blessings Clarkies