“Whatever you do, no matter what it is, in word or in deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving praise to God the Father.” Colossians 3:16

At Business Edge we have coined a phrase which we often use to remind oursleves daily …  WORKSHIP… it obviously is a   combination of “work” & “worship”, but it explains part of our expression of worship to God, in our work or business, along with all other espressions of worship including song, dance, instruments, prayer,  etc.

I belong to a Gospel Choir and it is our privilege to sing publically and express our faith to those within ear-shot! .. we love to make a joyful noise (with energy, rhythm and hamoney) and we notice distinct changes in atmospheres as we bring God’s truth in song…(last week there were tears from a receptionist at a museum, people eating at McDonalds, and today in a church)!


Here are a few attributes of Workship as you step into your new week.

  • Workship is eternal and establishes the atmosphere of heaven … Speak peace and blessing into and about your workplace.
  • Intentional workship results in unintentional demonstration of good.( God’s random blessings)
  • Workship can unlock God’s “suddenlies”.. eg Paul and Silas out of prision..old testament battles.. random victories
  • Workship is a tool/weapon  in our hand and in our heart… that helps us stay strong

Intentional Workship needn’t be complicated, very often it will be prompted out of unanswered questions …. when life doesn’t seem to make sense… when business questions outweigh the obvious answers… ( note to self!)

This week  .. let us intentionally give God our attitude of  workship… it will set us up for success

” Phil 4:6… by prayer and petition with thanksgiving (workship)  continue to make your wants known to God.. and His peace shall be yours … v.19 …and God will liberally supply to the full your every need according to His riches in glory” 



ON EARTH (in my business) AS IT IS IN HEAVEN AMEN!

May your workship be immense this week. Clarkies