Entrepreneurs are people who see need and opportunities in the market and

find ways to meet and fill those needs and opportunities and make a profit.

The true essence of entrepreneurship: Define, invest, build, repeat.” 
Intrapreneurs  behave like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation.  

Intrapreneurs are usually highly self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented people who are comfortable with taking initiative, even within the boundaries of an organisation, in pursuit of an innovative product or service.

So what’s the Difference?

The major difference between Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs is that the fruits of success default to the organisation rather than to the intrapreneur who also has the comfort of knowing that failure will not have a personal cost

To Create is Divine

Christians can have a somewhat schizophrenic view of Entrepreneurs. We see them as something of a necessary evil; we recognise their value to some extent, but also view them with skepticism and distrust, especially those who become wealthy! They are frequently viewed in a certain accusatory way, as though their wealth has come at the expense of others.

This view stems from an incomplete understanding of what entrepreneurs do, how they function, and the role they play in God’s order. Entrepreneurs are vital to fulfilling God’s purpose. They are creative people who provide others with a way of serving, which is a divine characteristic. Entrepreneurial activity is not restricted to commercial activity only.

Properly understood entrepreneurship is a special kind of stewardship, something to which we have all been called. 

Entrepreneurs are Creators

An Entrepreneur is an agent of change.
Entrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources.
It is similar to the sculptor who sees a great statue in a raw rock and then carves the statue for the rest of us to see, as Michelangelo supposedly said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
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