A high flying kite is a beautiful thing to behold as it skims across the skys, ducks and dives and paints pictures of colour, freedom, and mesmerising elegance in a gentle breeze. 7439807-Pen-and-ink-style-illustration-of-a-girl-flying-a-kite--Stock-VectorWe can admire from afar because it is high in the sky, but we do not see the effort , the running, the turning into the wind that lifted the kite to it’s lofty height., and we do not consider the person at the end of the string watching it’s every move, countering it with a gentle tug to correct the flight or hanging on tightly as the wind gust comes as it suddenly dives for the ground. .. You get the picture..!

My column today is in honour of “the string holder” in your business, the one who anchors you ( the high flyer or risk taker)  to the ground, the one who deals with the course corrections, the one who holds on tight when everything is at risk !

The Bible talks about this person as being equal and vitaly important to the enterprise.

I Corinthians 3: 6-9  talks  of this in the setting of a gardening  business v8.” He(she)  who plants and she (he) who waters are equal, one in aim and of the same importance and esteem, and each shall receive their reward.”

v9 God also talks about being fellow workmen, joint promoters, labourers together with Himself. , we are God’s special project!  

I personally have been on both sides of this story, the risk was shared as we agreed together to do business, and at one point when the kite fell out of the sky, I became the risk taker and the role reversed.!! The most awesome thing?.. my encourager, backstop, cheerleader, string holder was there to keep it all steady.  (thank you Clarkie!!)

Today I want to applaud the many of you who are the unsung heros, the string holders, the encouragers, the cheerleaders, the anchoring point,  who may not be seen flying high and taking the top spot,.   God values you the same, for your diligence, love, and attention to your important task….” you are one in aim and of the same importance and esteem and you shall receive your reward.”  

NB: If you are the high flyer.. flowers / chocolate / and words of appreciation are still applicable.!!

Love and blessings as you take your kites out into the wind of business this week


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