What is the PURPOSE for being in business?

June 18, 2014

Many of us have started or entered our businesses with a great PASSION and DRIVE. That feeling of beinginvincible and the possibility of success fueled us to get our business started and/OR striving to the NEXTlevel.


However, as time has gone on we may have suffered challenges and obstacles that has either thrown us off course OR did they motivate us to STAY more focussed.


Unfortunately there never seems to be an in between.


If your business is doing well – and yet you don’t feel fulfilled…remind yourself of your achievements… and then think about how you can GIVE back to help others. Your PURPOSE will drive you to the NEXT level.


For those who have stayed the course, what was it that kept you focused?




However if you have drive and determination without PURPOSE-that still isn’t enough, you must havePURPOSE!


When your purpose for your business connects with who YOU ARE and your understanding of your ownPURPOSE in LIFE… this will help you STAY the course …no matter how difficult business gets.


When there is absence of these two factors…this is where I see many struggle.


Over the years I have mentored and seen business owners who have been confused with the positioning of their business. This sometimes can be attributed to  their ‘falling into that particular business out of necessity’,  they took up an opportunity that doesn’t align with their passion OR they have wanted MOREfreedom and thought starting a business will bring that.


If you haven’t got a meaningful PURPOSE for being in business …you may find yourself entangled with the instability and dramas of Self-employment which isn’t alot of fun.


If business becomes about the $$ and your focus is the $$ and that connects with how you see your LIFE and what you VALUE …then YES you will stay the course. But staying the course and having fulfilment can be two different things if you value the $$ above people.


However, if your reason for being in business is because of the $$ and the business doesn’t support your PURPOSE then this is ALSO a place where you may get very unstuck.

Both need to connect for you to find successs and fulfilment.


With this being said I have had some ask me…how do I monetise my passion? I need to make a living! It is possible….however you will need the right support to do this. We can help you!


Today, it is very easy to start-up a business -but NOT so easy to get it ‘off the ground’ where you are turning a livable profit. Many times I have seen talented people start up a business and struggle for many years.


Why is that?


I believe there is many factors that contribute towards either a SUCCESSFUL or STRUGGLING business.


However what contributes mostly towards a business that is SUCCESSFUL is the Owners clarity about thePURPOSE for the business and making sure this connects with their OWN purpose in life. This passion if communicated well will filter down through to the employees.


One of my first two questions I ask… whether I am mentoring, strategy coaching or doing Business Development with a client …WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL GOALS …and how do you see your BUSINESSachieving those for YOU?


Whenever I have asked this question I have had clients look at me strangely …almost as though their personal goals aren’t that significant. YES THEY ARE!


Currently I am re-reading a book called The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren which has had 20 Million copies sold worldwide! Once you work out your PURPOSE, you need to keep reminding yourself of it …read books, write notes and paste them on your office wall …and spend time with people who can re-inforce your vision and purpose.


It amazes me when you let yourself get a little off course …how that can take you a long way from your destination…I am grateful this book has challenged me again to make sure that I stick the course and stay connected to my CORE values and what I believe to be my PURPOSE in this life.


Okay, putting this all aside… What is the PURPOSE for being in business?


For everyone it is different things…the key is to sit down and consciously think about what those ‘things’ are for you..then grab a pen and paper and write them down.


Make it meaningful to YOU…not anyone else.


And then share these with those closest to you or who are apart of your Business Support Network. By sharing with others …you are cementing what is MOST important to you …and it WILL help you!


To encourage you to get started I will share mine ..


My purpose for being in business is:


  • To help others who haven’t got the resource to have practical Business Support
  • To motivate, move and challenge others to DO better BUSINESS
  • To see successful businesses grow to the NEXT level …first in Tauranga … Waikato, Auckland and …then throughout New Zealand and Australia
  • To give back to the business community
  • To provide a sustainable income for myself and my family where we can prosper
  • To do what I LOVE and ENJOY in life.
  • To fulfil my pre-ordained destiny


You will notice I have highlighted certain words in my list – these words I connect most with and what IBELIEVE support my PURPOSE in life.


You may also notice that my list views things from others perspective NOT just my own. Unselfishness OR unconditional giving is what I have found has brought me the biggest rewards.


What is your TOP 5: PURPOSE for being in business?

Business Edge Member Zita Cameron .. Tauranga NZ