Have you noticed that, a leader in an organisation has the ability to set the daily “feel and tone” within the business, classroom, office, shop, or wherever you are, every day?   Let’s start with a heartfelt “good morning” .. something that Clarkie and Tracey are masters at.. It just changes the atmosphere..unnamed

My staff training was always to have them smile at the phone as they answered it!.. you cannot sound grumpy when you smile as you answer the phone even if it is Mrs so&so !!! …  In fact a positive attitude, has the a raft of brilliant outcomes..here are a couple from John Maxwell


Emotions have tremendous power. But casting a problem in a positive light at its outset can weaken a negative emotional response. By not seeing a problem as a disaster, you are more likely to stay calm. Instead of watching your fears run away with you, you can master your fears. The ability to keep a calm head in the face of a problem is the first step toward a good solution.


How you define a problem makes a huge difference in your ability to solve it. That’s because seeing a problem as an opportunity does more than calm your emotions; it opens your eyes to options. And clarity about your options results in greater creativity. After all, when we see a problem as just another fork in the road, we can see more clearly all of the possible routes that might lead to a solution. Creativity makes you a better problem-solver, and a positive attitude increases creativity.


Think of a positive attitude as a momentum-builder. Positivity about the problem combats paralysis and gets you moving past fear. Creatively exploring options keeps you energized and making progress. And with all of that forward momentum, the only thing left is to begin trying out solutions. By removing obstacles like fear or tunnel vision, a positive attitude clears the way for you to make decisions and act to solve the problem.

This week, be intentional about a positive attitude and observe how it changes the atmosphere including the people around you.. I dare you to rock up to the office this week with a beaming smile and a sunny attitude,  even maybe a chocolate fish for your co-workers!!!!  , and declare “This is the day that the Lord has made,  let us rejoice and be glad in it”

Believing with you for a great blessing this week as you “set” the attitude tone in your workplace.

Coralie Clark  Business Edge International