In “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers and went somewhere.

August is a new chapter for you in more ways than one. Something new is beginning. New chapters have bookmarks. Bookmarks are like mile markers in your life journey. The most common markers include leaving home, finishing college or your first serious job, getting married, having a child, buying a home.

For many, a marker involves a radical mission update from the Father of Lights, who enlightens our path to see the way He is calling us to go.

“Your life is an autobiography unfolding, a never-finished sculpture, a work in progress – with chapters of external achievement and accomplishment followed by periods of internal management and renewal. The temporary destinations you reach are much less important than your ability to manage and enjoy the journey itself.” (from book: Lifelaunch)

The seasons of “external achievement” are balanced by God with seasons of INTERNAL work. If you only go external you forfeit the internal ability to handle the changes.

It is a beautiful fact of spiritual life that the “outward man” ages but the inward man is constantly growing. Likewise, outward circumstances wax old, close out and are set aside but new seasons and divine doors open to those who are going somewhere on the inside.

The secret is to understand the rhythms of life. Know how to appreciate the times when God is calling you to an ever-deepening interior walk and talk with Him.

Discerning your seasons enables you to dial up or dial down with contentment. This is the secret to experiencing fulfillment all the time.

There is an anointing for every season of life ..”the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month…”
(Rev 22:2) Twelve months… and a different fruit for each one.

Change is accelerating and uncertainty increasing in the Earth…BUT GOD does not change and His story is unfolding in your life in the divine rhythm of endings and beginnings.

This month is a new and much-needed shift for you. Enjoy the low-hanging fruit that is extended to you from the tree of Life!

-Lance Wallnau