This past week has been a ‘different’ week, in that Clarkie and Ryan have been attending a Leadership Course at Capernwray Bible School here in Cambridge NZ. (8 hours per day!) the ensuing discussions at home in the evenings were also great!

Not to be outdone…. I did some study of my own!!.. reading the first 10 chapters of Nehemiah…. The man went from being butler and confidante to the King, to building an entire wall around Jerusalem in 52 days!. How did he do that?

First of all by being a prayer warrior on behalf of his nation for a long time,
By being dilgent in serving his boss (the king) in his employee position… with flair and style would be my guess!
By speaking up with clarity when his boss asked if he could help.”For what do you ask?”
He used the influence of others (namely the king) for introductions, angel funds, right of passage, skilled help and materials.
He involved Almighty God at every turn.. with diligence.
He recognised and mobilised other leaders around him who would be committed and he sold them his God dream and vision and got them on board.
He worked hard and chose not to be distracted by the ‘nay sayers’ or the ‘religious infiltrators’.
He understood that his calling to do business was also his ministry … he worked with one hand and held his weapon in the other… (work and worship) demonstrating to his fellow workers the culture of business done God’s way.
Then he joined God and they celebrated their success, with food and dancing and giving to those who were in need ..” for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold”. Neh 8:10
You will hear more about “Nehemiah” as the year progreses, !

Be blessed as you go about your “work and worship” this week