Business for the Common Good (aka Business for good and for God) 

What our economy needs most right now is a new insurgence of entrepreneurs who are committed to doing business based on moral convictions for the common good, not just for personal self-interest. 

What does it mean to do business for the common good?

It means that your business exists not just for your benefit or the stakeholders, but that it benefits all: the employees, the customers, the community and the nation. It means that you see your business as a catalyst to transform the community in which you do business and to serve as the engine of the economy for the nation. No one is in a better position than you, the Biblical Entrepreneur, to play this role. You are the answer to the prayers of the nation. You are the job creator, the solution provider and the hope of our economy.

These are some of the hallmarks of businesses operating for the common good..

 They… Solve market problems; Operate with integrity; Focus ethically; Socially responsible ; Value employees; Pay living wages and bonuses; Customer driven; Complement others; Multiple bottom line(profit, people, planet, purpose); Share growth; Have long-term outlook; Contribute; 

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Our prayer for you today is that God would give you the wisdom as you walk out your calling in the marketplace for good and for God. Proverbs 11:11  “By the blessing and influence of upright citizens and God’s favour because of them,  the city is blessed.”