“Thank you Father God for the opportunity this week to work out, and walk out, our ministry calling to the marketplace.  This week we pray like Samuel ” speak Lord for your servant is listening” and believe that You will direct our steps, pre-arrange our schedules with meaningful and profitable business opportunities. Thank you Lord God for the opportunity to represent you on the Business/Economic mountain in Jesus name Amen. “


Business Edge is on a journey towards a long held dream, a spoken prophetic word and a knowing that NOW is the time.          A new department of Business Edge, (in addition to all that we do), is being developed, and we roll out the big reveal shortly!

To keep you in the loop just a little bit I thought we could share  the bones of a study that we did at The Business Edge Centre this week …

5  Biblical Entrepreneurship Principles…

  • Identify Opportunities.. recognising when the timing of God meets preparation
  • Take calculated risks…counting all the costs to ensure adequate resources
  • Solve problems… coming into agreement with the Word of God to find the correct solution
  • Steward the Business..taking dominion over the natural resources of God to serve others while making a profit.
  • Make Biblical Profit… the spiritual and natural gain remaining after all the costs are deducted

Most of you will be doing many of these five things most weeks, but it is good to list them again to remind ourselves of our high calling to business as our ministry and our outworking of the gift and talents that the Lord God has given us.

” Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfuly with all your heart; for consider how great are the things He has done for you” 1 Samuel12:24