Here in New Zealand, we are noting the seasons changing, the days are getting shorter, the night temperatures are cooling, the leaves on the trees are turning. My grapeine is showing off her colours, before losing the leaves and regrouping for the next spring season.

‘First in the natural, then in the spiritual’ we often hear, and we are also noting the season of change here at Business Edge… well more of an addition and prompting by God, to meet a market need in the area of Kingdom Marketplace education.!! As only God can do, He has brought us the people,(both secular and Christian), the program, and an excitement to educate in the area of  entrepreneurship from the perspective of our Christian worldview and personal faith. 13010787_1523839191258737_5244436752422748060_n

Ever wondered what a “Biblical Entrepreneur” looks like?

We believe he / she looks a lot like you!! 

  • A Biblical Entrepreneur is a person who embraces biblical-based process of identifying opportunities, taking calculated risks, solving problems and excersing business stewarship for a biblical profit.
  • Utilizing the gifts, skills, treasures and learning that the Lord has given us to meet market needs through the establishment of a kingdom minded business
  • A kingdom business is a transformational company with measurements beyond the triple bottom line to include an eternal purpose. PROFIT_PEOPLE_PLANET_PURPOSE 
  • Doing business based on the Word of God, with integrity
  • A Biblical Entreprenuer is a person called by God to business,, who will represent Christ in the marketplace through daily high E.P.I.C standards__ ETHICS_PRINCIPLES_INTEGRITY_CHARACTER 

As you could guess we are pretty excited about the opportunities to present this program to “yet to be business people” but also to many many people already functioning in the marketplace. We look at it as Professional Development, it as always brilliant to be encouraged, refreshed, validated, and connected.

If you live in New Zealand then connect with us through the facebook page to see when we are coming to a town near you!

For those outside New Zealand .. once we have got this rolling we will add in “webinar” access with our amazing trainer/ mentor/ coachTracey Olivier 

Two scriptures that are foundational to BUILD LEADERSHIP

” Let us rise up and build! So they strengthened their hands for the good work” Nehemiah 2 :18 

” But you beloved build yourselves up in your most holy faith, rising like an edifice higher and higher praying in the Holy Spirit.” Jude 20