Five business communications essentials

#1: Connect Staff
Staff are your number one audience.  They need to understand where your business is going, how you’re going to get there and what their individual role is in making it happen.  And you want them to be excited about the journey, because engaged staff are productive and loyal.
#2: Get Social
Using social media to reach customers, prospects, industry influencers and future employees is no longer an option for the vast majority of companies.  It’s a must-do.  And when you use it well, it’s a great way to encourage a two-way conversation that leads to a respected brand and solid company reputation.
#3: Tell Stories
Your staff, customers, the public and people in your industry who matter to you will get to know you through thestories you tell.  Every business has them:  product launches, new business won, new people joining your team, awards, staff doing great things, sponsorship stories and more.
#4: Make Friends Every business should take a purposeful approach to building relationships with people who can impact the success of their company.  These people might be suppliers, funders, politicians, industry peers, local business leaders, lobby groups, professional membership organisations and more.
#5: Scan Media
Keep on top of what’s happening in the media publications, radio or TV Make a note of topics, trends and the leading journos. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation by connecting, pitching your stories, offering opinion and discussing new story angles
 article by Heather Claycomb HMC Communications 
This is one of Clarkie’s life scriptures:” The Lord has given me the words so I know how to speak to those who need to hear. He reminds me morning by morning what His instructions are”  Isaiah 50:4.
I guess that applies both naturally and spiritually !!
God bless you all this week as your communicate your Christian worldview through good business!