“Prayer is fantastic! God has been so wonderful- he has faithfully provided our daily needs and we are meeting our bills as they arise – in this past week two work opportunities has arisen for both of us. We are excited with anticipation of what more amazing things God will do next!”


“We give thanks in all things, and for all things. Business Edge is a major, thanks Saints. Thanks especially for Coralie and Clarkie for your support and encouragement. Bless you guys. Interesting to reflect on Jesus words Give and it shall be given unto you. Is he saying that the rich shall get richer, not only spiritually but also materially? Contrary to much church and political stance these days. I think He is.”


“Thankfully the complaint against me has been dropped in full! I’m glad it’s all behind me. Great to have support of good people at these times of distraction. God continually showing me favour and providing approvals for my clients business ventures.”


“It’s been a long hard road but you’ve faithfully stood with us and prayed and prayed and prayed and now we have some options where we never had any before!! God is good, God is faithful and you have been very much the encouragers on the way. So thanks for all that!”


“This is my blessed week! Thank you for this encouragement, and for all your thoughtful prayers. Blessings to you and all you love for a divine Christmas.”


“Thanks for this amazing word – ready appreciated your ongoing spiritual wisdom, insight and friendship.”


Thank you for this Coralie, and for you continuous support and prayer ? Its so lovely to know that people are actively praying for you.”

Josh, Perth

“Great to hear from you both on the day with your words of prayer & encouragement…bang on… We felt encouraged & very upheld on the day as we met with our Accountant that day & since as we look at a new way of ‘doing’ farming. Blessings.”

Lynn & Nev

“What a blessing you guys are with your encouragement and faithfulness in what God has called you! What a blessing it is to have a support organisation that consistently focuses on hearing from God and putting Him first. We were really encouraged by the meeting last Friday. I am pumped about what God is going to open up in my business this year. Thanks for your support and obedience to enable these things to eventuate. I can’t wait to see what God does in 2017!”


“I so look forward to my prayer day, I always feel empowered and amazing things happen. It is great to know I am not alone.”