Good morning Business

The Starting Line...

What a fantastic weekend we had in Rotorua! Thanks to everyone who came along either for the weekend or for the action day at OffRoadNZtoday! Thanks Ian & Carol for hosting us today and thanks Clarkies for arranging the whole weekend – you guys all rock!

The theme for the weekend was fun, fellowshop & food – and we seemed to excel in all three areas! Although Carrie-Anne did make me run through the Redwood foreston Saturday morning… so I didn’t feel bad about having two helpings of dessert on Saturday night 🙂

Seriously though, it was great to meet some new faces & reconnect with others. It was amazing to hear how God has been at work in each of our lives.

It’s so great to be able to share & encourage each other on our respective jouney’s. God calls us to pray about everything, and it’s so encouraging to see answers to prayer in all areas of life. To God be the glory!

To that end, I’d really encourage you to put the next Marketplace prayer day in your diary (see the left-hand column for dates). Come and meet some other business owners who want to know God’s will for their business and join together in prayer!

Thought for today….

Deuteronomy 31

Isn’t that awesome? I know we’ve probably all read this scripture multiple times before, but everytime I read it, I can’t help but feel more encouraged!

“Thank you Father, that you’ve gone before us in all we do today, and that you are with us each moment this week. Lord, we pray that your Holy Spirit guides our steps, and that you may use us to accomplish your purpose today in Jesus name.”

God bless you all and have a fantastic week!

Much love & blessings,

Ryan & Carrie-Anne