I was having an early morning “one on one” with a colleague last week in one of my usual busy café haunts where many like-minded business people congregate to start their day with a spirit of optimism and good coffee.unnamed

We touched upon the usual many topics, particularly in the areas relating to his new enterprise which specialises in business modelling, helping client business owners plan for future growth and development. As we were talking I felt impressed to ask him what he thought his business would
look like in five years according to number of staff and annual dollar sales revenue. He wasn’t so sure. He may have had a vague idea but no sharp goal or “five year” destination in mind.

Bill Hybels often talks about “Here to There” and the journey with its victories and challenges in between. Immediately I was inspired to encourage my friend with the importance of firming up the picture of the destination. A destination that GLOWS with excitement and reward and well worth the inevitable effort, inconvenience and challenge that will be part of the long process of getting “There”. The picture that came to my mind was of a huge city dazzling at night as seen from the window of an aircraft. Majestic and amazing!

In addition I was led to ask my mate how he would combat the sometimes inevitable and seemingly insurmountable set backs and times of despair that are “par for the course” for any worthwhile endeavour or campaign. Bang! He knew it and I knew it! In our conversation we had hit the “bullseye” of the truth. As individuals we have to know how to get ourselves out of the ditch and back on track. How do we do this? There is only one way. We have to know what really makes us tick as in what warms our heart no matter what is happening around us in any given situation. WHAT IS IT?

Because I knew my friend well (several coffees and discussion over several months) I was able to mirror for him what he enjoyed doing in his day to day. That as a qualified accountant he was a “natural” with numbers and their interpretation in a very accurate and timely manner. That he also had a wonderful “servant’s heart” and clearly had a calling to “be there” for people. For me personally I had previously told him what I expected Business Edge Perth & WA to look like in seven years in terms of membership numbers and within a few days he had responded with how many business pastors would be required as well as some key financial metrics in order to “make
the dream a reality”. I reminded him of the pleasure he received when he saw the enlightened expression on my face – literally a “light bulb” moment for both of us!

Bingo!! We had hit pay dirt! Through our discussion my friend had met face to face his “why” or “purpose” or “thumbprint” or “assignment” or “calling”. A wow moment for sure. In his words “…I am happiest and truly fulfilled when I can help people see with reality and accuracy where they want to take their commercial or non profit business. When I first see them light up with the realisation that if they just keep going their dream will become a reality!”

Find out what your God given purpose is so that you can sustain the rigours and sometimes insurmountable challenges that will appear as you travel from “Here to There”. Also make sure your “There” is really fabulous and worthwhile and significantly glorifies Him and blesses others.

A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing, but a broken spirit dries
up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

>> James Benjamin ( Executive Director Perth and Western Australia)