Freedom Diaries


Hi everyone,

Welcome to another fantastic week for you and God to do business together and fulfill your kingdom assignment.

I have been challenged lately on how we make decisions (we have a few big ones at present) and how we move on that answer.

While reading a book recently called  “The Freedom Diaries” by a kiwi called Mark Holloway  I have been challenged.  How do I hear or listen, in my conversations with God. I have  tendency to do all the talking!

In Job 34:14-17  the Bible says
“For God speaks again and again though people do not recognise it….. listen to my words”
Psalm 62.1.
“I wait quietly before God for my victory comes from Him”

There are many  scriptures that confirm the need to find that quite place, and hear what God is saying…this book is about how to have that back and forth conversation with God about everything.

“You have to push through to Me and I will push back into you” this reminded me of P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens… (oh and remember to listen!)

At church this morning we were given a note book and pen , then we were encouraged to write down a question  that we wanted to ask God, listen for the answer and write that down too. … it was amazing how God just seemed to flood in , it was even hard to write quickly enough and get all His answers down. Coralie and I had a good time comparing notes when we got home and we were amazed again at how easy and humbling  it is to have conversation with the living God.

Let me issue a challenge : Take time to do this yourself and be amazed at what He will say and do!
Its not just pray and walk away,… like spray and walk away.!! God has something to say and so does His Word.


Be encouraged and uplifted this week