We all want to grow but for most of us, growth creates uncertainty and uncertainty is uncomfortable.  Growth happens outside of our comfort zone.  It requires us to risk, to take the leap of faith.  As the human race our focus is often on how we can be as comfortable as possible.  We don’t really want to stick our necks out.  Let’s not rock the boat or cause ripples……                                         images

There is only one problem with that……  we are not called to be comfortable, we are called to be ambassadors and conquerers.  We are called to be pioneers and leaders. I believe as Christians especially in the Marketplace, we are called to be a people who are cutting edge.  We could be tapping in to a bottomless supply of heavenly wisdom to bring solutions to our communities, cities and nation.  And yet we mostly find ourselves on the back foot clutching an armful of excuses. Why?

I am afraid I don’t have an answer for you, I have a lot of options, but I wonder if that would be helpful to each of you and the danger is, it could very well leave you all feeling condemned, which is not how Holy Spirit works, plus the situation is probably different in each persons life and business.

So how do we change that? What is the solution?  Where is the wisdom?  Where is the rock or foundation from where we can build?  Well, what is the source of your wisdom?  Who is the source of your daily encouragement?  Where do you go to for advice?  Could I suggest that we start at the ultimate source?  Let’s go back to the original source, to the One who created us and just like a “manufacturer”  knows exactly what, how and why he created us.  Let’s take solid time out of our days, to read His “manual” and hear His voice and get clear on our assignment.  Let’s shake off the spirit of Apathy and arise and shine and be Salt and Light to our families, communities and cities.

He is the Prince of Peace, when we are hearing from Him it does not matter where and what we face, if we can hear His voice daily, no storm or any amount of uncertainty will unsettle us.

I am putting out a challenge for the month of September.  Why not start each day of the month with reading a Chapter out of Proverbs.  There are 31 Chapters in Proverbs and 30 days in September.  If we are rooted and grounded in His word, you will have fruit!  Let’s do this together!!  Who will join me?

Yours in growth,

Tracey Olivier

Business Edge NZ – Life Strategies Coach