Happy Christmas Business Edge Family.  It is almost Christmas and 2015 is all but passed!10374457_876369965737650_5525124424630542873_n

Can you look back this year and see the fingerprint of God in your victories, big or small?  It seems to have been a year of contrasts.. on one hand words like ‘stressed, tired, staff issues, cash flow’ on the other hand ‘blessings, praise God, record month, thank you, grace, excited’, come through the prayer system .

I (Clarkie) would like to encourage you to to speak and declare words of faith and creative power into and over your business everyday… until the natural comes into line with the spiritual!  2016 is a year of building on purpose!. Be sure you know your purpose!

These are some of the pertinent scriptures that God is working with me on! … let’s share 1 a week for the next 5 weeks .. God is setting us up for success 

  • I Thess 5:16-22 ( rejoice, pray, give thanks)
  • Col 3:17 ( Work as unto the Lord)
  • Matt 6:5-712 (don’t worry God has got it)
  • Phill 4:19 ( God will supply)
  • Proverbs18:21 ( watch what you say) 

2016 ..At  Business Edge  we are introducing a  program of Biblical Entrepreneurship— for those already in business AND for those looking to begin  or in training for business. This will come to a place near you ( if you live in NZ, or a computer near you if you are elsewhere!) .. in the first 1/4 of the year… Watch out for information early February !

Business Edge Strategic Coach ( Tracey Olivier) is already making a difference in people’s lives.. both in Business Edge and in the secular business world…..  remember as a member of BE you can have a free 1/2 hour with Tracey for a chat and to learn what she is about.strategic@businessedge.org.nz

Clarkie and Coralie, along with Ryan and Carrie-Anne, and Tracey, wish you all an awesome Christmas time with family and friends, sand, surf, fishing, whatever!  We will continue to pray for you as your requests come up on the system over the holiday break. We speak life and vibrancy over your businesses during the holiday season as well, and we look forward to serving you  into the exciting new year of 2016 and beyond! 

We are all taking a well deserved break until at least 11th January. (then maybe a bit random over the rest of January!)  It has been an intense yet very satisfying year.  We still have the best assignment in the world…. encouraging each of you to be all that God saw when He called you to business in His marketplace service!

” But you beloved, build yourelves up, founded on your most holy faith, make progress, rise up like an edifice higher and higher, praying in the Holy Spirit. ” Jude 20 



Clarkie and Coralie, Ryan and CarrieAnne, Tracey