Some marketplace wisdom from a Master 

Some Marketplace Wisdom from a Master..

Warren Buffett spoke at a university graduation  
“When you are hiring or investing, the decision should be based on merit,  so it’d be unwise to pick the person with the highest IQ, the richest parents or the most energy.”
Establishing good habits, even little ones, like saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is a major key to success!
There’s nothing wrong with getting the highest grades in the class, but that isn’t going to be the quality that sets apart a big winner from the rest of the pack.” said Buffett
Buffett said he sees people his age, or even 20 years younger, with “self-destructive behavior patterns, and they’re entrapped by them.”

 Integrity,  Honesty, Virtue and Morality, 
can make or break you in the professional world. 

If you choose NOT to make these a priority, you risk getting stuck with a reputation for deceit, and employ or be employed by people much like yourself!  he said

Three things to look for in hiring people (or to be hired) :

Integrity, Intelligence and Energy,

” If you can’t trust someone to act with integrity in a situation that demands it, then should they really be allowed anywhere near you or your brand” he says!

Then how do you know who to trust?

The billionaire dipped into his store of wisdom and offered this sage perspective:
“People give themselves away fairly often. When someone comes to me for, or with a business, the very things they talk about, and what they regard as important, reveal a lot of clues as to subsequent behavior.”

So.. if you want to be a person who is successful, that everyone wants to hire, or be hired by,  build the habits of integrity… 

  • Fulfill your promises
  • Be honest
  • Be trustworthy
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Be mindful and emotionally intuitive
  • Manifest humility
  • Be willing to admit you’re wrong
  • Offer help when it’s needed
  • Treat others with respect
  • Be charitable
  • Be patient

Intelligence and Ambition are valuable traits, but Integrity is king and becomes evident very quickly! 
Our BE founding scripture reminds us of this 
“By the blessing and influence of those with integrity and God’s favour because of them, the city is uplifted!”  Proverbs 11:11