3 Ways to Save Money on a Project

Do you find yourself repeating everything you say?  Ever wondered if the team will ever be able to work on their own without your intense oversight?  Worried about being on time or meeting the budget?The good news is there is a way to help mitigate these concerns ….but you may need to talk with your team in a way they can easily comprehend.

The reason is that according to educationalists we all take in information different ways. If you talk to a junior/primary school teacher they will talk about learning modalities because that is what they base most of their teaching methods on for their students. They know their students arrive with the full variety!  Here is a news flash:  They don’t change as they get older!  They don’t grow out of their basic learning modality (although school has done it’s best to suppress it).  You inherit these modalities within your team.

Now if you are an auditory person (leader) you may find this really frustrating and possibly not believe me. May I suggest that you do some of your own research to check out if what I am saying is accurate. I believe the investment in working in a auditory, visual, tactile and kinaesthetic manner with your team will save your dollars and time. Not to mention that your team will be more likely to stick around and champion you.


While you talk and discuss:

  1. Use a white board or flip chart to discuss a subject. (Visual)
  2. Give permission for team members to grab a pen and write on the board too. It may surprise you to find some of your team may be better at explaining an idea while they draw….less confusion and missunderstanding (Visual, Kinesthetic and Tactile)
  3. Use Sticky notes for individual ideas…. (Kinesthetic and Tactile)

Reference:  Learning styles and learning modalities are often spoken of interchangeably. Modalities refer to how students use their senses in the learning process. We commonly consider four modalities:visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching). As you might guess, the more senses or modalities we can activate, the more learning will take place.     – S.D. Powell from <https://www.education.com/reference/article/learning-modalities/>