We attended the Global Leadership Summit as a team this last Friday, it has always been the highlight of my year for many years now.  I love it because it grows you mind and spirit.  There were many great moments I am still chewing on and some things on my list to action.  I was very surprised to see how small it is here in New Zealand.imagesOne of the things that can happen as a business owners is that we can so easily neglect our own personal development.  We convince ourselves that we are too busy to invest into ourselves and the danger of that is we loose touch with what is happening with business trends and we stop growing, if you are not growing..…  Just like a cut flower, it seems to have an extended life, but the reality is that the flower is no longer attached to the life source. Obviously this metaphor ties in with our spiritual lives as well…

The “theme” that has been brewing and stirring in our hearts as a team at Business Edge is the issue of Leadership

  • What exactly is Leadership?
  • Who are Leaders?
  • What are they called to do?
  • Why is it such an important role?

And the most stirring question we are asking right now…  How should we, as Business Edge, use our experiences, talents and gifts to serve those who are called to it?  That’s you by the way….  Whether you are called to lead your family, your staff in business or yourself, if you are a solo business person, or a large company, we feel compelled to serve and equip you to accomplish all you have been called to.

Isaiah 60:1-3 is a picture of what the world seems to look like “darkness shall cover the earth, and dense darkness all peoples”, the good news is the call is for Leaders to “Arise and Shine” and “when the Lord arises upon us”, it says “nations shall come to our light and kings to the brightness of our rising”.

This is our opportunity as Leaders to bring solutions to the darkness of our clients problems and not only that, but to serve them so well that we shine above all others.  In a time in history where there seems to be so much discouragement, this is our greatest opportunity to bring light and hope as we go about our businesses.  It does imply that we need to be engaged.

I think we are in the most exciting times in history where although we sometimes feel things might be darker to look at the news, but it is in this time where we get to shine the brightest if we will seize the opportunities and be prepared to Lead the way and do things differently, inclining our ear to Wisdom, and the One who is Omnipotent.

As you prepare for 2017, what will 2017 look like for you as a leader?  Where will you make your greatest contribution?

If you are still not clear on what 2017 holds for you, I would encourage you to attend the Best Year Yet Workshop, those who have done, have said what a helpful experience it has been  (check the facebook page!)  we are running another one in Cambridge this week and one in Auckland soon, watch out for the date.  Allow us to support you in preparing for a year that will be productive and meaningful.

Contact me on to get the details or watch our Build Leadership facebook page.