“Many plans are in a man’s mind; but it is God’s purpose for him that will stand” Psalm 19:21

Two things this week__ both provoked by great articles that I have read.                                       unnamed

One about fighting the good fight, through business even in tough times and the other about creating great leaders through investment in people.

Both come from embracing and activating  purpose and mission….                                                                                                        I know__ some days it seems to gets lost in translation as we negotiate the tactics of the enemy and lose sight of the goal!

“Life is a fight, no matter what you are doing, you are either fighting for something or against something. You  have to make sure that you are fighting for the right reasons and against the right enemy. The good fight is a battle against the works of darkness for the soul and destiny of humanity. This battle is waged in the marketplace through the venue of commerce.” ( Patrice Tsague>Nehemiah Project)

‘Great battles are won or lost, not based on the might of an army, but based on the magnitude of the mission and the selflessness of the purpose’. 

Dr Peter Sun from Waikato University, wrote a ‘Creating Great Leaders’ article which included a few hot-buttons for me

  •  What will really give you the difference is leadership _ The ability to influence people         
  • Businesses need to look at creating a climate within an organisation so the employees understand they are working for a purpose rather than just coming to work                              
  • If an organisation can create a purpose that aligns with a personal purpose then you have created real engagement 

One of the best ways to create purpose, passion, and engagement,  could be to align with an organisation (maybe a not- for -profit, or sports club)  that emulates your passion and learn from each other! __ show them support, teach them to lead, and learn from their dedication and passion !. Together you will build social capital that enhances your region for good and for God.

Business Edge is exploring more ways to build a “Jacobs Ladder” fund  to support young and upcoming leaders with Business start-ups, Kingdom Entrepreneurship training, offices and a Sponsored training room at the Busines Edge Centre _ feel free to  contact Clarkie  if your heart is to raise up new innovative kingdom businesses   

Reflect on the reasons you got into business in the first place. Review your purpose, passion and mission and make sure your business exists for a cause bigger than yourself and re-align your activities to your purpose and mission

Lost sight of your purpose?

Contact Tracey Olivier  today at  

Tracey (BE Coach) has helped me find to my core belief / driver / purpose. It feels great and such a relief to have it uncovered, and now I need to work it through as to what that means in each and every area of my life. I was waiting for the big fireworks, but instead it’s a crystalisation of what has always mattered to me, but which I had never really acknowledged.                             Thanks heaps Tracey, >>Sussan Ockwell; Optimism

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