Are you leaning into your dreams?  Are you leaning into your life goals?  Are you leaning into your relationships?  Are you leaning in or are you leaning out?

As a whole most of us are pain and risk adverse, we would love to avoid pain and suffering, even discomfort, at all costs.  So when things heat up or start to get tough, we could lean back and consider if it is worth it or not.  And many of us could continue to lean back on many of life experiences.  And so we become spectators of our lives, watching it all happen around us, trying to keep it tidy and organised.  Apathy starts to creep in and before we know it, we watch the world go by and we are unmoved by it.  In the movie, Schindler’s List there is a quote, “Apathy is the glove that evil slips it hand into”  Apathy can happen when we have been in survival mode for too long. We might feel that there is no harm in not being engaged, but the problem with that is no matter how tidy and organised your little cocoon is, you are part of a sometimes messy and disorganised world and you are missing out. Most importantly the world is missing out on your gifts and your contribution.11261927_10153933515394062_4205708584196001574_n

I remember when I was little, my favourite thing to do was to play with mud, I loved the water and I loved the way the mud felt and I would be covered in mud from head to toe, but gloriously happy about it. This is the stuff of adventures, taking that risk, leaning in to a tough conversation.  It speaks of being engaged.  It speaks of action.  It speaks of intimacy. It speaks of GROWTH.  This is how we grow, growth can be mostly uncomfortable, because it is new and uncertain but this is the place where discoveries are made, where adventures are had, where innovations are born, where friendships are forged.  This is the place where we get to make our mark.  This is the place where we get to reflect our light and sprinkle our saltiness.

One of my mentors once told me when I was going through a hard time to lean in to the pain. Leaning in ensured that I engaged with what was happening. Leaning in ensured that I looked for a solution instead of leaning out and looking for something to blame my circumstances on.  When we refuse to find blame, we take responsibility for our part and we find a creative way to bring a solution that impacts the world around us.  We are created to be creative, we are, after all, made in His image.  We should be one of the most engaged, innovative people on the planet.  Arise and Shine!

So I challenge you as I have been challenging myself.

• What will you do with this?  What is it you need to lean into?

• Why do you hold back? What is stopping you from leaning in?

• What are you going to do about it?  What is your next move?

Let me know?

And while we are on the subject of leaning in, I invite you to lean in to some personal and professional development?

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