Freedom Diaries


What does the life cycle of a Kingdom Business look like? Well the following excerpt from Christian business trainer, Patrice Tsague, gives us a good benchmark:

“We know that God appoints different times and seasons in our individual lives, in nature, in nations, and in churches. Often cycles of seasons follow an observable pattern, like with weather. Similarly, Kingdom businesses follow a pattern of six stages that we call a Kingdom Business Life Cycle:

  1. Startup: The time between a business launch and its break even point.
  2. Break Even: Revenue meets expenses sustainably.
  3. Profitability: The business is generating a comfortable amount of revenue with good margins.
  4. Sustainability: Proper systems and people are in place to enable the business to run effectively without being completely dependent on the entrepreneur’s tactical involvement.
  5. Scalability: The business is expanding into larger markets and areas.
  6. Succession: The entrepreneur phases out of the business after determining leadership and ownership replacements”

You can read the full text here.

This begs the question – what stage (or stages) is our business in… and how does this line up with God’s plan for our business?

Whatever stage you are at – ask God to help you plan and be the best steward you can for this stage and to give you a clear picture of the next stages!

Our prayer today is that we are all able to see how our business fits into God’s Kingdom plan, and that we recognise the stage we are in, and make the most of the opportunities God is giving us!

Have an awesome week doing Business for God & for good!


Ryan & Carrie-Anne