Here at Business Edge HQ (Hamilton New Zealand) we have had a wonderful week! Apostles Greg and Julie Bailey have been with us, and we have been talking and learning about Maintaining our Momentum in life, business and in God. The same principles apply to all areas, so today I want to encourage you all to become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!giant-slingshot-18656360

Momentum = Mass + Velocity, so the greater the mass moving in a forward direction the greater the momentum!

Think David’s slingshot… as he twirled it around and around to build up momentum, and at the right moment he released it to it’s intended target!.. Deadly momentum from an unlikely source, against the most advanced army of the time!

Now look at the character in the picture… imagine if YOU were unleashed into the market armed with these 10 shots that create momentum….

The Word of God in your heart
Intimacy with God in your day
A listening ear to hear His whispers
Your vision from God
Motivation to keep going
Simple but authentic strategy
Kingdom first
Bold and courageous decisions
Tenacity and Endurance
Right thinking(do what is right because it is right)
Time to build yourself up in your most holy faith
It is always mentally and physically hard to build that momentum again once it is lost. That is where your Business Edge Pastors, Mentors and BE colleagues come in to encourage you , build you up and help you load your slingshot… Use your Members App and the Prayer system to uphold, uplift, and upend the devil!

Nehemiah 4:13 ” so I set armed men behind the wall in places where it was least protected , I used the people with their swords, spears and bows…”


Be blessed this week as you go out armed and dangerous