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Gidday Mate and Matesses!… Be excited and encouraged, you now have business colleagues, ‘mates’, fellow Business Edge marketplace ministers in Perth Western Australia  (along with a couple from Tassy as well!) !!

James Benjamin, is our God anointed man for the Perth / WA area and we experienced a wonderful launch night with the maximum number of people allowed in the room. The night was compared by one of his rght hand men ‘Morro’, a breakfast show presenter on the local radio station, there was food, drink, live music,  and some great presentations encouraging folks to join up and be blessed. The noise level of chat was deafening! Karen and David Peake from NZ were there with us as the evangelists for BE … living examples of the blessing of BE in their lives and business.

We met some totally awesome people,we were invited to join a family gathering on an island in a river at the bottom of WA.  We prayed in various businesses, we had random God appointments,  on the streets , in shops, and also managed to have a few days away to think, dream, pray and reflect on God’s faithfulness!

For the record James is a great cook and we were blesssed beyond measure by his and Meena’s hospitality… and some local cafes (Coralie had to check the coffee!)

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Thank you New Zealand BE members, you are the fulfillment of a prophetic promise and in turn you have inspired others across the world to step out in faith and use Business Edge as a means of blessing their city and nation also.

It’s great to be back… Thanks for your prayers and encouragements … Talk with you all very soon… Business Blessings Clarkie and Coralie 

Thought for the week…

God's Love

This weeks thought is a reminder of 3 values of Business Edge

1. BELIEVE: We believe there is no one more strategically positoned in the community, city or nation than Christians operating in the marketplace. We believe that our work done as unto the Lord is our worship (aka Workship)

Proverbs 11:11″ By the blessing and influence of upright citizens a city is blessed” 

2. BELONG:  Belonging to something bigger than ourselves lifts us up, keeps us connected and grows our influence. The BE prayer system is described by members as our ‘unique’ and ‘powerful’ weapon. 

James 5:16 ” the earnest heartfelt, continued prayer of the saints, makes great power available, dynamic in it’s working”

3. BECOME: Our aim is to encourage each person, business, and group, to become a greater influence in their family, business, industry, city and nation. Together as a community of faith (in the business world) we want the world to see that God cares about every aspect of our lives.

Ephesians 4:11 ” Teaching the people to be fully equipped for the work of their minisrty calling”