Good morning

Ryan & Carrie-Anne

I don’t know how you are feeling, but for us, last week sped by with lots of things on the go and we both felt pretty frazzled by Friday night!

My (Ryan) younger brother and his fiancé blessed us with a night away on Saturday night (which included them babysitting our 3 kids!!) so we are feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week!

Hopefully you got some rest too, but regardless of how you’re feeling as you read this, let’s just surrender this week to our Heavenly Father.

“Lord, we pray that you order each step we take this week. That you give us insight and wisdom as we make every decision. That we can seek your will in our business and our home. We thank you for your abundant love for each one of us and ask these things in the name of Jesus.”

I am so encouraged by the things happening in the marketplace – from the meetings I have been having, there is an expectant attitude that God is certainly moving amongst Kingdom people and also a real sense of “preparation”.

This also highlighted for me what it all boils down to – it’s all about relationships. So make sure that you have people who surround you, encourage you and lift you up, but also hold you accountable.

Isn’t it amazing that God wants this type of personal relationship with each one of us? The God that made us, made the heavens and everything we see, wants to intimately know us!?

Many of you may be familiar with the paradigm that our work is designed as worship. We believe worship is an important part of our lives. Personally, there has been a lot of praising going on in our household lately, and a song that really speaks to me is Future / Past by John Mark McMillan. So I’d encourage you to watch the video below, (crank up the music if you can!) and just praise our Amazing Father!

Love and Blessings,

Ryan & Carrie-Anne