Good morning Business

I learned something amazing while I travelled with the Hamilton Community Gospel Choir to Melbourne the week before last! (besides having the time of my life!) I knew that music and song are  good for the soul, that it broke down barriers and could change moods… everywhere we went from flash mobs at the airports and train stations, formal gatherings,  the hospital, St Pauls Cathedral, Queen Vic markets or on the stage at Federation Square,  music made connection  with people that was amazing. !! I got talking with the fabulous young man that was from the “music therapy dept” of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, who escorted us around that day and he explained how neuro-science has now discovered that singing in particular,(playing instruments)  uses both sides of the brain at the same time and is abundantly useful in therapy to re-establish broken connections with speech and motor skills as well as filling the body with endorphens that enhance healing! (when God said in Romans 12:2 to renew our minds, He meant renew!! how cool)

I got to thinking about the huge part that music and musical worship has in the Bible, songs and psalms everywhere… used in battle to defeat the foe, used in counselling to calm an agitated king, used in straight one on one worship to God, healing to the heart, body, mind and soul!

We watched in amazement at the profound affect songs of truth had on our often unsuspecting audience! “How great Thou art” sung  in Maori was a show stopper and the beginning of many great conversations.!!

Thought...Background music in your workplace can change atmospheres..give some thought to what you are proclaiming via the Radio or  PA system  or feeding into yourself in the car.

“The Lord is my Strength and inpenetrable shield; my heart relies on and confidently leans on Him; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices and with my SONG I will praise Him”  Psalm 28:7 

Blessings Clarkies