Good morning Business


This week we share a message from Mike Niterl, (Creative Dental Ceramics) a member of Business Edge from Auckland NZ

In Exodus 4:17 God said to Moses “Take this staff in your hand so you can perform miraculous signs with it.”

Moses’ staff represented his vocation as a shepherd. God had something in mind for his vocation – to perform miracles. God turned the Nile river into blood with the touch of the staff, He turned the staff into a snake, He parted the Red Sea with it. These are just a few of the miracles God did with that staff.

What is the staff God has put into your hand? Is it being a builder, a teacher, an office worker, a doctor? When we yield our talents and abilities to the Lord, God can perform miracles through them.

First, Moses had to yield what He had in his hand to God. Only after this took place could God use that staff. As long as Moses held onto it, God could not and would not perform miracles through it.

Until we come to this place with the Lord, we will fail to see miracles performed in our work. He delights in showing His power through us. When we become an open vessel, we can expect to see great things happen.

Have you given your staff to the Lord? Offer it to Him today and see what He might want to do through it. Blessings Mike