Most of us would have heard the statement “perception is reality” “perception is reality”.

It does not matter whether someone believes a message to be true, only that they perceive it to be true. Their actions will be the same whether they believe it or only perceive it.

The enemy of our souls is very good at this game. He will bring situations on us in the workplace that we perceive to be true when it is a lie. It may appear that there is no way around a situation, causing us to become fearful. When we buy into his lie, we believe only what we have chosen to perceive to be true. It usually has no basis of truth. Such was the case during a night boat journey that the disciples went on.

At first glance the disciples screamed with fear, thinking that what they saw was a ghost. It was actually Jesus. Job 4:10 says “The lions may roar and growl, yet the teeth of the great lions are broken”. Sometimes the “accuser”, Satan, shows an impressive front to what he is doing, yet behind that front is a toothless lion with a destination that has already been prepared in the great abyss. He knows his destination, but he wants to take as many with him as possible; so he often has a big roar, but little bite.

The next time some event happens at work that creates fear and trembling, first determine the source. Look past the emotions and evaluate the situation in light of God’s Word. Perception is not always reality. Blessings Mike

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