pray everyday

“The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayers of a righteous person makes tremenedous power available dynamic in it’s working.” James 5:16

Whatever you ask for in prayer , having faith and really believing , you shall receive Matt 21:22

Luke 10: 9 ” and heal the sick and say to them the kingdom of God has come near to you” 

You have heard these words from me ( Coralie) over and over. The foundation of Business Edge is built around prayer, and when you become a member of Business Edge each person receives a prayer request email every working day…  Positive prayer answers are awesome and this week has been encouraging. Here is a snippett  of this past week….

First we had dinner with a new Business Edge family, new to BE and new to Hamilton and heard their awesome journey of obeying God, to the point of moving to a new location. Prayer and prophetic words at BE were a large factor… now the business process God.

The tenants at the BE Centre get together and pray often… we have been believing for the 2 office spaces available to be filled… this week 2 inquiries, 1 definite yes and the other answer today Monday!  Yay God!

Our dear BE  friend Karen  P ( suffering cancer) has thankfully and prayerfully received, believed declared and decreed her healing… she is doing much better ( even the hospital is amazed!) PRAISE GOD!

Clarkie took the opportunity to pray for the random guy he was playing golf with on Saturday… his knee so bad he had a brace and bandage and needed to take a golf cart… “I enjoyed your company and thanks for caring, my knee is feeling much better today Thanks (God appointment?)

Rejoice… God is at work… Be encouraged… Pray for each other.. Believe God … Together we can do exploits…

Be strong and very courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go …Joshua 1