It has been an interesting, busy and fulfilling couple of weeks. Our home has been full with people along with our usual BE connect, visit and pray, family times, and of course the “godly interruptions” that each day brings!!

Because of the busyness, meals, and our slightly crazy life I look forward to falling into the spa pool after dark, spotting statelites, downloading the day back and forth with Clarkie, and then kicking him out so that I can sit under an open heaven and talk to the Lord! What a powerful time this has been of late !… times of declarng, decreeing, listening, asking, believing, and praying for each of you…. and being soo blessed as I see God bringing amazing things about!…

Today I want to attach part of a report from the US , in the town where a young black guy was shot by police and riots were on the cards… The Apostolic Prayer Network got to work and covered the town in prayer and positive thanksgiving…. Remember “our” scripture?? ” The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of the righteous makes TREMENDOUS POWER available , dynamic in its working”

With promises of violent behavior, burning cities, and death threats, all branches of law enforcement have gone to 12-hour shifts, schools have stockpiled supplies and food, and people are being told to stay inside and prepare as if a large winter storm were coming. In the last month, gun sales in nearby communities have increased 300%.Several potentially dangerous gatherings have broken up and dissipated as worship was released among the unruly participants.

Coming in a spirit of intercession, worshippers began to sing and position themselves between the protesting crowd and the Highway Patrol forming a protective line. Within minutes, the riotous crowd deflated and dispersed as, “This isn’t fun anymore.” and “I’m going home.” were heard. Others in the crowd joined the worship, with several coming to Christ.

“Our city is not going to burn, our citizens will not be attacked, we won’t be afraid, and we WILL NOT be a flashpoint for rioting, lawless behavior in other cities, or martial law in our nation. This city will be a gateway for life and not death, peace and not turmoil, order and not confusion. We are a city of breakthrough, healing, and revival. We are a city where God’s throne is established on righteousness and justice. The people of our city will walk in the fear of the Lord and not in the fear of man.”

“Our leaders will be men and women of truth and righteousness, wise in their judgments and gracious in their decisions.”

Be encouraged people of God…You CAN make a difference in your work environment through quietly, and diligently covering your workplace, work mates, business, boss, awkward customer , etc in believing prayer and declaration.. LOve to hear the outcomes!

Blessings as you go out this week in Luke 10 fashion, as lambs amongst the wolves… changing atmospheres with peace and blessing.