“I have heard of you, that the spirit of the holy God is in you and that light, understanding and superior wisdom are found in you.”

Kings of the world will welcome problem solvers

The “kings of the world” will gladly welcome and open their doors to whoever brings the solution to their nation’s problems.

Daniel was constantly called before the king and Joseph was called into the courts of Pharaoh. Interestingly enough they never had to beg and try to break down the door to see the king. Why? The king invited them because the king knew they carried the solution to the problems — not complaints and criticism. I think this is strategy that we need to learn and adopt.

It is so critical that we understand that the main pillars of society, namely the family, economy, government, media, religion, arts and education should all be founded upon the blueprint and instructions already laid out by the Creator in His manual to us – The Bible.

Transformation of society will not come in any other way other than through God’s principles and power.

So another question we should ask ourselves is “where are the Daniels and Josephs of today who will not complain and criticise but will rather bring solutions from the King of Kings to the kings of the world ?? ”  (CEO’s, Mayors, Educational leaders,Thinkers, Government officials, etc.)

Father God we pray today for those Josephs and Daniels, Esthers and Deborahs, amongst Business Edge, who You are raising up for such a time as this and today we ask Your blessing and favour to be upon them for good and for God .. (it is the spirit of good business!) Amen