” My sheep know My voice”  John 10:27
It’s completely normal for everybody to hear from God, however most often people do not recognise it! 

Sometimes we just call it our ‘gut ‘ feeling!  Often if you are a Christian your ‘gut’ feeling is your ‘God’ feeling, but we need to know that we know that we can discifer the Voice of the Lord from all the  other voices!

Some biblical examples – Joseph, Pharaoh, Samuel, Nebuchadnezzar, Mary.

Learning to know and recognise God’s voice requires some effort. 
But, just like you learned to know your spouse’s voice, or recognise your Mother’s voice, or tell your childs voice from all the kids at preschool, you can learn to know God’s voice from amongst the chatter.

We get what we expect.
If we expect to hear God’s voice only in the sacred moments on Sunday when the music starts, then that is what we will experience. But when we know that every part of our life is sacred, we can expect to hear God’s voice in any area of our life, at any time!
The Kingdom within me becomes the Kingdom around me
(at home, work, church, grocery store, gym, park, school,etc.)

 Hearing God’s voice requires investment_ R&D AND PD 
(Research and Development along with Personal Development)
Find a godly business course on line and invest in yourself! 

 Ask, Pause, Listen … Expect an answer.
 ‘ If any of you is deficient in wisdom (hearing) let him ask (in faith) of the giving God who gives to everyone liberally, ungrudgingly, without fault finding’
James 1:5

Make this the year when you invest in some spiritual R&D or PD in your life. If you are in New Zealand seriously consider coming to “Hearing God’s Voice” Training Course ( 2 evenings and aSaturday)To be held 1,2,3rd March in Cambridge New Zealand.
We promise you it will have enormous eternal and material  ROI Return on Investment!!