Terms of Membership

In becoming a member of Business Edge, the business or individual agrees that:

The membership agreement does not have an expiry date written into it The expected membership duration is annual. Prices exclude GST.

Terms of Payment:
Invoices will be issued each month (choice to pay annually)
Payment expected on invoice, within the current month
Online by AP is our preferred method of payment to Business Edge International Ltd, 06 -0603-0053988-00
Credit Card payments (Mastercard or Visa) can be made through Swipe HQ .. link on invoice

Business Edge Best Business Practice

1. To be ethical, operating in the highest integrity to produce and deliver quality products and services.

2. To endeavour to meet our financial obligations at all times.

3. To pay our taxes honestly

4. To intentionally honour and invest in the betterment of our staff and their families.

5. To invest generously into the broader community, to bring benefit, blessing and change.

6. To purposefully connect with other companies, professionals and individuals to impact the world.

7. To support other Business Edge members in prayer as often as possible.