The Great Marketplace Commission Genesis1:28


  1. Be fruitful. We are never called to simply stay the way we are. We were made with the power to co-create with our Father! Specifically, as entrepreneurs and businesspeople, we have the talent we need to add value to life. We’re commanded to go and bear fruit, adding utility and beauty to the sphere of life God has called us to.
  2. Multiply. When we develop a product or service that truly adds value to the world, we should plan on reaching as many people as possible. Serving more people provides you with the opportunity to increase your profitability, which enables you to generate more resources for greater impact and influence.
  3. Fill the earth.  To fill the earth means to have a global vision.  Don’t limit yourself only to the community where you started your business, but consider other cities, states and even countries.  Remember that as Marketplace Commission companies you are called to “go into all the earth.”
  4. Subdue. To subdue means to conquer.  Determine to receive everything that God has for you and your company, and set your mind to conquering the opportunity that God has placed in front of you. Manage your resources and your behavior well, with a spirit of meekness (power under control).
  5. Have dominion.  Dominion is a divine, legal right and power given to man over the works of God’s hands (Psalm 8:6), and business is a tool used to exercise dominion in the marketplace.

When we shine like stars reflecting God’s glory in our personal lives and in our businesses, we walk in the redemption that God offers to the world, and exist as living testimonies to His power and grace. We bring a wholeness to the business world once again.

My prayer for you today is that God would give you the grace to bear much fruit as an entrepreneur or businessperson, moving forward in His righteousness every day.

>> excerpt from Patrice Tsague Nehemiah Project