The world needs fearless leaders, ones who are unafraid of change and will even embrace it.
Leading from the front makes ripples, rocks the boat, causes uncertainty, can be risky and uncomfortable.
However the degree to which we are willing to change is the degree to which we will grow. 
Growth, in turn, will help us reach our God-given potential.
Growth allows us to enter into a whole new level of living and leading well!
We can look back and see where we have been.. just like this duck leaves a ripple, the Bible says remember, but do not to ‘camp’ there, press on toward the goal which is the high calling of God.
Go forth fearsome leader, the ripple effect you cause will lead others to greatness also.
I want to encourage you today to embrace change, so that you can grow into the person God would love for you to become!

Here are some interesting indicators of change and growth
You know you’ve grown when:
  • you can bless those who curse you.
  •  you no longer allow people to steal your joy.
  • you realise God opens doors no man can shut.
  •  you can keep your peace in the midst of chaos.
  •  you can forgive more quickly than you take offense.
  • serving is no longer a means to an end, but the goal itself.
  • you can receive correction with gratitude and not defensiveness.
  •  you start living your own life and stop commenting on everybody else’s.
  • you remain faithful to the thing God has called you to do, even when others aren’t faithful to you.

2 Timothy 1:6-7 “Stir up, rekndle into flame, the gifts within you, for God did not give us a spirit of fear but has given us a spirit of Power, Love, Calm judgement,  Well-balanced mind, Discipline and Self control”