Researchers conducted an experiment in which frogs were placed in separate glass jars covered with lids to prevent them from escaping. At first the frogs kept jumping, trying to escape, but each time they hit their heads on the lid. After thirty days of doing this, something amazing happened. When the lids were removed from the jars, the frogs never jumped out even though they could easily have done so. Why? Because they had formed a belief system that the top of the jar was as high as they could go – their limiting belief system kept them trapped in the jar! The Israelites did that too: ‘Again and again they… limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power…’ (Psalm 78:41-42 NKJV).

Are you holding on to limiting belief systems, even though they are no longer true and are sabotaging your future? ‘I’m too young, too old, I’m a woman, I’m the wrong nationality, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the talent, I don’t have the connections, I failed too badly, etc.’

Fear of success stems from: (1) Fear of not being worthy of success. (2) Fear of being unable to meet the expectations and fulfil the responsibilities that accompany success. (3) Fear of being rejected by those unhappy about your success. (4) Fear of losing control of normal, private life. (5) Fear of saying no to friends and family who feel entitled to control you. Get rid of your limiting belief systems! Not only will God give you success, He will give you the skill and strength to handle it.

No Limits