Clarkie and Coralie

Clarkie and Coralie here, we trust that you have enjoyed some ‘down time” during the Christmas New Year break… or if you, (like us) are waiting to take that break after the initial rush (hope the weather holds out!) you have found some solitutde to reflect and “encourage yourself in the Lord” regarding 2015. [1 Samuel 30:6]

We have been reading and listening to some awesome 2015 words from around the world… and have the distinct feeling that although”deep darkenss appears to be desending”.. the Lord is arising and His promises are imminent ! [ Isaiah 60:2]

Here is good idea..

Imagine yourself in December 2015, telling people about the amazing things that have happened this year in your business, family and life.!

GREAT !!… write those things down and then write down HOW you will go about achieving those results… (new staff, more customers, housekeeper, more R&R, new car, new office, etc etc)
Type it up and pin it to the wall above your computer!
Declare and believe for those results every day! (Encourage yourself in the Lord! )

Share the journey with a trusted friend
Praise God as each peice comes together
Call someone who will celebrate each milestone with you (Clarkie, Coralie, Ryan Carrie-Anne, James will!!)
AWESOME we are sure are looking forward to walking the journey with you, as we also walk out our calling to MUCH GREATER things… watch this space for all sorts of new innovations, added values, marketplace goodness!!

If you are not a member of Business Edge then NOW would be a great time to ‘get on board’ , agree with God, and fellowship with a anointed bunch of people who are passionate about God and passionate about business.


2015 Blessings Clarkie and Coralie