Where does the church go on Monday?

The church leaves the building and goes to work !

At Business Edge we believe there is no one more strategically positioned in the community, city or nation than believers operating in the marketplace. 

In today’s business environment we understand that both spiritual and business devlopment, encouragement, mentorship is essential to build and grow strong kingdom businesses that will bring great benefit to the owner / entrepreneur, the kingdom of God and the community in which they operate. 

When Christian business people navigate the commercial world minus the two commandments of Jesus Matthew 22:37-39′ Love the  Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbour as yourself” ..  it  weakens the prospect of future bigger and better business opportunities.

Conversely, an anointed, well run business, consistently attracts profitability and can focus more on God’s big picture…to reach and address the societal issues that God has laid on their heart.

Through scheduled ‘one on one’ mentoring relationships (café, phone, skype), business and personal development programs, coaching, and a brilliant, unique, online prayer program,  we at Business EdgeInternational champion our members to do business God’s way, with flair and style.

“By the blessing and influence of godly citizens the city is blessed” Proverbs 11:11

“Seek the peace and welfare of  your city, pray for it, for when it prospers you will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7 

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Denis Clark   (Founder New Zealand)

James Benjamin ( Executive Director Perth and WA)

“Father God today we pray for and speak blessing into each person who leaves their house today to work. As they serve, may they know that You are setting up divine appointments, arranging opportunities and making a way to do business for good and for God. Thank you Lord God for the opportunity to demonstrate what it is to be a 24/7 God follower and to be a blessing in the communitiy to which you have called us. Amen ”