Business Edge is a unique support business dedicated to empowering business people to become a positive force within their business, community, and nation from a Christian Worldview…. it is the spirit of good business!

Conferences, Workshops, Social events, Business After 5 gatherings and Seminars, all develop a strong aspect of community with other Christian business people in Business Edge and across the nation.



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“By the blessing and influence of the upright, and God’s favour because of them, the city is exalted.” Proverbs 11:11

Marketplace Ministry

We believe there is no one more strategically positioned in the community, city or nation than Christians operating in the marketplace.

Our goal at Business Edge is to support, encourage and empower business owners and leaders to excel and prosper in their calling and live out their faith in the marketplace setting, becoming leaders in their industry, professions and governance.

We achieve this by linking together business people, in supportive relationships, and encouraging them in their daily walk with God. We believe that business, facilitation, spiritual purpose and direction makes for great business decisions and successful, best business practice, while producing a quadruple bottom line measured by Profit, People, Planet and Purpose.

Pastoral Support

Business Pastors provide relational support and encouragement for you along the way.  They won’t  replace your church pastors, but they do understand business, the stresses, passion, joy and pain that comes with the journey and are available Monday-Friday to bring support, advice, encouragement and God connection.

Business Edge actively supports members through:  Personal, Pastoral and Mentoring care for you and your business (in person, skype, phone, email etc); Structured daily and monthly prayer support; Business Edge After 5 networking events; Professional Development seminars and workshops; Members only Mobile Directory Phone App; Conferences, Social and Regional Events

Pastoral care and support is integral to the values and premise of Business Edge, and will always be part of your membership. Business Edge membership is by monthly subscription and is open to all business men and women and leaders who agree to be prayed for and agree to be blessed!

This initiative is designed to help you grow your business towards the success that God saw when He called you to business, or expand and break through to a new place.

Business Development

We see this as an exciting way to support you in growing Kingdom-minded businesses that are actively participating in establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Our heart is to support you in your walk as a Business person of faith through each season you travel, by adding and calling out strengths and strategies individually and in teams.

Business Edge Business Mentors, Business and Life Strategies Coaches are individually experienced in running successful businesses, and have a keen professional understanding of the unique challenges and lifestyle demands that busy business people frequently face.

The Business Development stream comes as a higher level of participation in Business Edge, and is an extra paid service. ( for professional coaching from a Christian worldview)

Business Edge runs and facilitates various topical Workshops, Seminars and Entrepreneurship days and the like.

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“ The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous person makes tremendous power available dynamic in its working” James 5:16 (amp)

This scripture is the premise for the importance of prayer to Business Edge – real, specific, targeted prayer is the pillar and foundation of power behind Business Edge members.

Genuine prayer support is our point of difference helping us achieve ‘the Spirit of good business.’

One of our key values is that Business Edge Members pray daily for each other, or at least as often as possible.  How do we achieve this?  via the Business Edge Prayer System

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