Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship 

in which an experienced person (the mentor) supports and encourages people (the mentee) to develop specific skills and knowledge and practise that will maximise their business potential and improve their performance. In short, it is the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience in a relational way.

One of the many Biblical examples of Mentoring we call the “Purah Factor”Purah is only mentioned in a couple of verses in Judges 7. Purah walked beside Gideon and gave him courage to do what God said and go to the enemy’s camp at night so he could receive strategy. Purah was Gideon’s godly mentor, older, wiser, and courageous because he had ‘been there done that!’ Because of Purah the history of Israel was changed and we know Gideon today as the ‘mighty man of valour’

Meet Clarkie Business Edge

‘Mentor in Chief’

You may know Denis (aka Clarkie) as the founder of Business Edge. His apostolic gifts include being a natural Pastoral Business Mentor. Pastoral care and support is a founding value of Business Edge and to a certain point this natural relationship of prayer and care comes with membership.

There may come a time when a more structured and formal arrangement should be made, and at that point is becomes an extra paid service, for time and input. He is a member of Business Mentors NZ .You are blessed indeed if Clarkie is your mentor!

Become a Volunteer Business Edge Mentor

Business Edge was formed on the principals of Relationships, Pastoral Care and Support, and Prayer from Business person to business person regardless of professional status, denomination or gender.  Our founding scriptures centre around Influencing the city for good and for God, encouraging one another, and praying for success and profitability. Is ‘giving back’ or ‘contribution’ part of your thinking?

Professional Isolation is one of the top issues of business leadership today and Business Edge is looking to develop more relational business mentors / confidential friends who are willing to walk beside and encourage another, possibly younger marketplace person.

This could begin as a fairly casual ‘business buddy’, ‘coffee buddy’ or ‘skype buddy’ friendship and progress (or not) from there. Clarkie would be keen to have a conversation with you about this opportunity.  Mob. 021 956 558


Affiliate Partners:

Affiliate Partners are long standing Business Edge Members who have recognisable and proven skills in their area of expertise and who also support  Business Edge in an advisory capacity As Affiliates, part of the value proposition they offer is a non chargeable 30 minute consultation to BE members, and any ongoing work that eventuates benefits  Business Edge the ministry.

Ange Hobden _ Business Edge Designer
Ange is our experienced Graphic Designer who keeps Business Edge looking smart in all areas of creative design and marketing. She has worked with Business Edge from the beginning and been involved in the industry for many years.

Ange has the unique ability of communicating the heart of a business to others through colour, form, graphics and presentation.

She specialises in branding, logo development, presentation marketing and all things creative!. Ange is a wife and mother to three young children and works from the Mac in her home office. Any work that Ange does through Business Edge has a direct benefit back to BE as she is an extension of our offering to the BE community.

Call Ange Hobden  on 021 664 979 for a conversation about your creative or graphic design needs or email:



Andrew Clements and Mike Grayson:  Lawyers

Grayson Clements is an independent, boutique law firm; built on traditional values with fresh, practical thinking. Grayson Clements believes in looking after people, delivering commercial, pragmatic advice. Our specialisms in land, trusts and structural design are enhanced by our commercial, conveyancing and litigation services.  Grayson Clements’ solid foundation of advising private clients, trustees, business families and charities is complemented by our work with business, agri-business, entrepreneurs, and professional firms (domestic and international)

Steve Mundy Auctus Advisory
We are here to help you grow your business. Using our networking connections in different industries.  We specialise in business systems for enterprise; taking your existing practices within your industry and adapting them to line up with the efficiencies of today (and tomorrow).  We value relationships, so you’ll hear from us often. Communication is the key to successful business relationship! Phone Steve 027 6644289


Heather Claycomb: HMC Communications, we provide the full gamut of public relations and marketing communications services. We excel when we are brought in as a true partner in your business. We can contribute our best advice when we work hand-in-hand with your internal team.

HMC’s services span the full spectrum  – from outsourcing 100% of your communications requirements to helping with a small writing project. We’re flexible, able to hit the ground running quickly and have a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget while achieving agreed goals.


Christine Petrie . Shifting Focus helps businesses reach their goals faster. Services include business and strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, profitability analyses, reporting systems, funding applications, project management, and business mentoring. With extensive experience in commercial, project and financial management in the private, public and non-profit sectors Christine is passionate about freeing up leaders to do the things they love.  See you there  Click here to email Christine. 

Josh Moore: Duoplus Online Marketing
We’re an online marketing agency, that specialises in generating leads and sales for businesses. We love helping companies grow their income through effective online marketing.  Web designer, Internet Marketing service, Marketing Agency. Phone Josh : 021 588 684


Russell, Linda-Maree and their team will work with you to develop solutions across a range of Employment Relations, Human Resource, Consultancy and Recruitment disciplines, experienced in working across the full Employment Relations/Human Resources environment, and mediation. Our clients include small privately owned companies to large corporate organisations and cover all industry sectors including the farming sector. Click here to email Russell.

Aaron McLeod: Advanced Accounting & Business Advisory 

At Advanced Accounting in Manawatu we are more than just accountants. Your business is not just a number to us; we value our relationships with our clients and are passionate about helping your business to thrive. Whether you’re doing business in your gumboots or in the boardroom we’re eager to help you set and reach your goals. Engage us for all your accounting and business needs. Phone Aaran 021 621811