Why do I have to pay to become a member?

Business Edge should be seen as your business group of choice, and charged as a business expense –  in this instance bringing both spiritual and business expertise, personally connecting you to a group of likeminded entrepreneurs and leaders, offering a large range of business expertise and learning, along with pastoral care and support, … it is GOOD for business, practically, financially, spiritually and relationally.

Do I have to belong to a church to be part of Business Edge?

No not at all. Business Edge is about a wider group than any one church. We connect together across the denominational divide, and the professional/industrial divide to bring benefit to each member and business bottom lines. We agree together that God is interested in all aspects of our lives and He wants to bless us.

I only have a small business!

Great  – Welcome to your cheer team!! .. Every large business was once a small business and we respect and celebrate your initiative. All business problems are similar regardless of size.

I am a woman in business, does Business Edge include me?

Absolutely –  we are champions of women in business, and we understand the unique challenges you face, along with your God calling to business both Coralie and Tracey are business woman in their own right.

I am new to business, can you help?

New business is exciting, scary, and daunting. It is our greatest pleasure to walk with you, mentor you, advise you, celebrate your successes, connect you with others who can help, to see your new business grow and flourish.

I do not own the business, but manage it for someone else – does Business Edge apply to me?

Yes –  Managing someone else’s business, or being a leader in that business brings its own set of stresses. Business Edge is a great place for encouragement, great ideas, input and access to other people in similar situations, everyone needs a champion!