The notion of “Common Sense” was espoused by my grandmother and my mother as something that I should have known just by being alive!  “Use your common sense girl” I was told!  I must say I have lamented sometimes the lack of Common Sense, when things seem so obvious to me, and so foreign to a family member or staff member.!!

The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines CS as ‘sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts’ 

Proverbs 24:3 teaches us  that Common Sense strengthens any enterprise “Through skillful and godly wisdom is a house, a life, a home, a family, a business built and by understanding is is established on a sound and good footing.”

”Common sense starts the ball rolling by revealing
that we need to learn. However, this is just the beginning. We must also gain understanding, which is common sense on steroids. Once we gain understanding, we need to apply wisdom. Practical wisdom means going to an even higher level as we apply knowledge and understanding.
 Common sense is only reliable when we’ve been through a situation repeatedly. Then is becomes common! 

Proverbs 4;5 “get skillful and godly wisdom, get understanding, discernment,  comprehension and interpretation.. and she will guard you” 

Without practical reasoning skills, education loses much of its value. Though necessary, education must be combined with understanding and doing to arrive at a practical application.

I say that Common Sense is a spiritual gift, inbuilt into our DNA by a loving Father, and learned by application and mentoring from birth. Common Sense, tweaked by understanding and godly wisdom, gives us an edge in the marketplace that is not easily measured.. it is His divine gift!   Remember to share your gift and teach others so common sense will again become common! 

Father God,  I thank you for the gift of Common Sense, and I ask that you sharpen our skills with understanding and wisdom this day,  as we go do great business.Amen

Blessings Coralie Clark