What does it really take to succeed?a705f4b1-f81b-4ed1-96c8-3aee45fbfed7

What do successful people have that others do not have?

Imagine if you knew how many asks it would take to get a “yes”, or how many knocks it would take for the door to open, or how many tries it would take to succeed? It would be easy to stay the course for success if you knew it was worth the effort, and  find success easier to achieve.

When they arrive at “success”, they discover that it was not a secret at all but rather a four-letter word GRIT.!!

GRIT is generally defined as “mental toughness and courage.”

Others define it as the strength of character and resolve. GRIT is a word rarely used in our daily vocabulary these days…. It is not sexy, nor does it inspire, but it is the one thing that all successful people have that others do not have.

It is more than skill, more than talent-it is forward fortitude. It is a consistent forward movement towards a goal or a vision.

Moses did not feel qualified to take on Pharaoh or to lead the children of Israel through the wilderness, but he had the GRIT to keep showing up and to keep pressing forward.

GRIT requires the following:

  • Trust in the sovereignty of God
  • Passion and clarity of the call
  • Courage to do what ever it takes
  • Willingness to just show up
  • Resilience to persist
  • Never give up attitude 
  • Pursuit for excellence rather then perfection

To acquire GRIT you just have to keep doing it. Grit is acquired over time, as you persist in doing the things that are required of you, and the work to which you feel called.

Therefore.. put on God’s complete armour, that you may be able to Stand your ground.. and having done all continue to to stand firmly.” Ephesians 6:10-17

We are praying for you today that God will give you the grace to have GRIT, STAND, and PERSERVERE as you  press on towards the goal in all the things He has called you to do.

Praying your God’s GRIT to kick in this week to ahieve the goal! !!  

Blessings Coralie Clark  >> Business Edge International