This week through a series of chance meetings, planned meetings, crazy world events,  and time with God … I am getting the sense that Leadership is the 2017 buzz word!

LEADERSHIP is not about titles, positions or flowcharts,  it is about influencing another. >>  John C Maxwell 

A LEADER isn’t limited to those with positional authority. Leadership, instead, is defined alternatively as someone who influences others to achieve a common goal.

 The  Boss says GO .. The Leader says LET’S GO ! 

So many quotes, cliches, and sayings…. yet good leadership is a technique we can improve, learn, and grow as we travel through life…. as a BE LeadershipTeam we are attending the Global Leadership Summit Conference Day next week here in Hamilton NZ to hear from some outstanding world leaders and sharpen our skills!

 Leadership takes place at all levels everyday, at home, in the family, at school, in  sports teams, at church, in business, on the farm….  in every organisation we can think of there are areas of leadership, and areas of influence where leadership is demonstrated… everybody leads someone…

Here are  4  initial areas  to begin this discussion….

  • CALLING the understanding that we are Called by God to contribute .. it helps to keep  our passion directed and positive, & gathers people around us, resulting in leadership emerging, and enterprises developing.
  • COMPETENCE .. the understanding, that education, knowledge,  passion, and natural abilities. doing what you do well, brings others resulting in leadership emerging and enterprises developing.
  • CONFIDENCE.. the understanding that with God,  your Confidence is based in His strength,and calling, resulting in leadership emerging and enterprises developing.
  • CHARACTER...the understanding that Character is the combination of spiritual, moral and ethical qualities that publicly distinguish a person, resulting in leadership emerging and enterprises developing.

Psalm 61:  ” Hear my cry O God, listen to my prayer, from the end of the earth will I cry to you when my heart is overwhelmed, LEAD me to the rock that is higher than I “. 

Leadership is a lifelong learning experience and we will all grow and develop as we move through all stages of life and living.. so let’s persue this journey together.