Good morning !

Ryan & Carrie-Anne

Wow March already! It’s a busy month ahead, but let’s take a moment to stop what we’re doing and offer this week, this very day, to Our Father.

“Lord God, provider of all our needs, thank you for giving us breath this morning. Thank you for this new day, your new mercy and your unending grace. Father – help us be more like you today Lord. Give us opportunities to love others and give us wisdom to be good stewards of those things you have entrusted us with. We pray these things in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ”

God loves us, and I believe he wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. For those of us in business – I believe that includes our businesses – and more than just the profit & loss statements! God cares about everything!

When we choose to partner with God in our work, we’re really inviting the best business partner in the world into our businesses. He’s never sick, or late to a board meeting. He’ll help you while you’re scrubbing the toilets or acquiring a new business.

I’ve been reading Andy Mason’s newest book God with You at Work, and I love the way Andy puts it :

“In His offer of partnership, God brings a lot to the table. You get ALL of Him. That’s like having a billionaire philanthropist super-genius as your devoted and loyal business partner. It’s not an equal offer, not even close!”

So I’d like to encourage you, if you haven’t already – invite God into your business today. Spend the next 5 minutes with Our Father. Seek his wisdom & guidance, no matter what your day looks like.

Until next Monday, love and Blessings,

Ryan & Carrie-Anne