What makes a client great for us? A great client loves what we do for them and will only order from us, pays on or before time, constantly refers new business our way, does not continually quibble on price and try and get everything for nothing, is honest and fair with their feedback particularly if we have unknowingly caused a problem and generally very enjoyable people to deal with. Therefore if we understand what makes a great client shouldn’t we become great clients for our suppliers? Yes absolutely!


A friend of mine’s father had a very successful grocery business for many years in Fremantle. From the very outset the father had a policy of always paying for wholesale goods upon delivery and before the normal 14 day account. Every so often wholesalers would receive smaller than usual shipments and had to choose which retail clients to send the limited amount of goods to. Of course it was the clients who always paid before or on time.


Our suppliers are human beings and Jesus values them just as much as our clients and staff. We should too! We should build relationships so we can represent Christ to them. This is what God expects of us as His market place ministers. Of course we don’t have to directly evangelise over a coffee or lunch (unless He directs us to) however we can show a genuine Christ-like interest in their business and other challenges and successes they may have had. Suppliers who are “on their game” can be a tremendous source of new contacts and business referrals.


A great opportunity is close at hand by the very way we treat our suppliers. An opportunity that is often dismissed or bypassed because our suppliers are considered to subtract and not add to our bottom line. With equality in how we manage and host our staff, suppliers and clients we dramatically and noticeably strengthen our competitive advantage, our profitably and last but not least our propensity as business owners and leaders to shine much brighter for Jesus within our trading spheres.


“…the man answered, ” ‘Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind’; and ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ ” “You are right” Jesus replied; “do this and you will live.”    Luke 10:27, 28


Blessings and kind regards


James Benjamin


Business Edge Perth & Western Australia