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Ed Silvoso is a pioneer of Marketplace Ministry, and transformational thinking. 14 years ago, right at the beginning of Business Edge, we were privileged to be part of a ministry outreach in Buenos Aires with Ed and the Harvest Evangelism team.. we have never been the same!  Thought you would enjoy this blog from Ed .. (something that happens every season here in New Zealand).. but innovative and INTENTIONAL in Mexico/USA.

In response to President Trump’s proposed new immigration policies, the Mexican government recently convened a joint committee of federal, state and city government leaders in Ciudad Juarez to evaluate how to help immigrants as they are sent back to Mexico.  Joining them was Poncho Murguia, our associate and Board member who, based on his involvement in Juarez’s transformation, was the only non-government person invited.

At the same time, in another context, Poncho’s advice was requested on how to respond to the need for 25,000-50,000 legal, temporary immigrants needed in the U.S. state of Georgia, where farmers had a fruit and vegetable picker shortage because most field workers fled due to the growing threat of deportation. With farms unable to attract enough legal citizens to do the work, the Governor next tried to get prisoners to enroll, but they also refused.

What was decided upon between the farms, the Governor’s office, the U.S. Consulate and a facilitating non-profit organization was for the Mexican workers to come to Juarez, where they will receive their U.S. Visa and Work Permits, enter the U.S. legally as seasonal migrant workers with the Consulate fully involved in the process. The farm owners and the Georgia government have agreed to pay each worker $10 per hour, instead of the usual $3 or $4 they were getting previously as undocumented.

After several months, when the workers are done with the farming, they will return to Mexico, fulfilling U.S. laws. If they do a good job, they will be invited to return subsequent years to the same farms.(this happens within one of our BE orchardists every year)

However, the biggest winner in the entire arrangement is the kingdom of God.
As part of the agreement, Poncho will deputize transformation ministers who will visit the workers on weekends to arrange positive recreation, steering them from vice, and to conduct free life-skills training in subjects like marriage, strong families, financial management and civics, all with permission to weave the gospel and prayer evangelism into the training. They will also be trained to bless the land they work and to invite God’s presence into it, so the farms will prosper. Finally, the workers will return home to Mexico with an impartation to establish a stronger family unit built on faith and having experienced the first manifestations of God’s goodness.

Details are being worked out right now and the program is set to launch sometime in the next 12 months. In the meantime, the State of Florida has been monitoring this development and has indicated it wants to follow Georgia’s example.

Can the Lord use immigration policy fallout to create a womb for Ekklesia in two countries, and provide keys of the kingdom to unlock the gates of hades?

He is already doing it! >> Ed Silvoso 

Be encouraged to bless your workplace as you start work each day, thanking God for the opportunity to work, get paid and have INFLUENCE 

Blessings Clarkie and Coralie