May the Words of my mouth, my meditation thought and every movement of my heart, be always pure and pleasing, acceptable before your eyes my only redeemer, my protector God.
Psalm 19:14 

In business… it matters that we keep our word.

It is how we keep our good name“.
Your name is your credit and is priceless when you honour others by being one who keeps his word. It’s why we are encouraged to let our
yes be yes and our no be no

Business contracts bind us to our words.
Words help us uphold our end of an agreement.
When one party fails to uphold their end of a contract everyone loses.
One of the most powerful things that exists is a business’s mission and vision statement. In them lie the foundational promises of what the owner/creator had in mind as a promise of how they intend to make an impact on the community.

Businesses have a great ability to shape a nation by creatively conceiving and manifesting the abundance of God through work, envisioning city growth and maximizing potential of the available resources.

When God’s people, on the mountain of business, imagine greatness and speak that vision, the power of their words give an earthly example of the beginning process of creation as God Himself created the heavens and the earth.

Words have weight

God is raising up many to take their place upon the mountain of business to restore integrity to it !!
. Part of that integrity is rooted in ethical decision making, in how employees are treated, how the communities where they operate make use of the resources, and to abide by laws rather than seeking to exploit them through unrighteousness.

  • Let your words bring life by speaking with integrity, honoring promises, and keeping them.
  • Let the words of vision inspire a community to build and grow and multiply, even as God called us to.
  • Seek to bring glory to the mountain of business by recognizing the power of your words.

Business Edge 
is a unique support community dedicated to empowering business people to become a positive force within their business, community and nation for good and for God. 
 We achieve this by linking together business people who hold a Christian worldview in supportive relationships, encouraging them in their daily work, believing that both business facilitation and spiritual encouragement makes for great business decisions… it is “the spirit of good business”